Jan Clizer - Painting Scotland

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Be it a bit of brisk sea air or the essence of a rustic landscape , bring the outdoors into your personal space with your  favourite Jan Clizer images...


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Explore Scotland & UK Landscape & Culture

through Jan Clizer's brushes and paints


colourful, storied places dripping with history . . .


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Welcome to Jan's painting adventure!

Jan Clizer’s professional painting career stretches over two and a half decades and far from the Pacific Northwest, across the Atlantic Ocean. 

A lifelong passion (aye, 'tis indeed in the blood!) for Scottish and Celtic culture strongly influences this versatile painter’s subject matter.  She paints, exhibits and plays fiddle in both Scotland and Northern Idaho, as family and painting responsibilities permit.  Join Jan in celebrating the heritage, history and landscape of the beautiful islands of Britain!  Her paintings are collected and commissioned on both sides of the Atlantic, while selected images are available as quality reproductions.  Get a FREE 5"x7" Fine Art Card in your mailbox by signing up for Jan's newsletter, 'Bletherings . . .' directly below (& giving a mailing address!)