the ART and ARTIST

The Art

"My paintings and music are personal expressions of appreciation for a culture I was not born to, but feel very much at home in.  Responding to the overwhelmingly strong influences of my own Scottish, Cornish and Irish ties, they are my way of honoring not only my own, but a large world population sector's visceral connection to their culture, landscape and history."


The Artist

Jan Clizer moving studio, Fettes Farm House, Black Isle, Rosshire, Scotland

      I am a fine art painter and musician deeply inspired by the culture, history and landscape of Scotland.  An American of Scots, Cornish and German ancestry, my lifelong passion for Scottish culture and Celtic music have resulted in repeated trips 'across the pond.' Extensive stays since 2003 have taken me down many interesting tracks, actively participating in local village and city life in North Scotland. Supportive friends and patrons include me in sailing adventures, work parties, road trips and all manner of music and local events, enhancing awareness of Scottish culture old and new, firsthand.

      Simply put, art and music are my life....past, present and future.  A self-taught painter raised in the coastal NW US, my strong desire to 'put marks on something' as a small child were firmly discouraged.  In 1980, living in a ruggedly beautiful area of the US West, I took up pencil and brush.  Two children and making a living put painting in the background for a substantial period, but the desire and inspiration remained constant.

A working tour of Europe in the mid-'70s originally brought me to the UK, and a 24-year-old dream was realized in 2003 when my Scottish odyssey began again to travel and do research for a series of Celtic music images.  I paint, exhibit and play fiddle in both Scotland and Northern Idaho, as family responsibilities permit.  My focus on Scottish and Celtic music subject matter is striking a surprising chord - an amazing percentage of the global population has some portion of it's roots in the "Celtic countries."  My paintings are collected and commissioned on both sides of the Atlantic, while selected images are available as conservation-quality very-limited reproductions.

Jan Clizer plein air painting, Stonehaven Harbour, NE Scotland